Updating your Time Sleuth is easy to do once you've purchased the needed tools and have downloaded the correct software. 


Now that you have the required software and tools you can begin programming your Time Sleuth.

  1. Open Quartus and select the option to "Open Programmer Window" (note where my cursor is)
  2. Add the firmware you downloaded
  3. Connect your USB Blaster to your PC's USB port and click "Hardware Setup" located at the top left of your Programmer Window. Select USB Blaster by double-clicking on "USB Blaster" from your list and close the pop-up. When you finish this step the cell next to "Hardware Setup" should now read "USB-Blaster [USB-0]"
  4. Connect power to your Time Sleuth with the provided USB-B cable (the face LED should illuminate)
  5. Connect your USB Blaster to your Time Sleuth's JTAG port
  6. Press "Start" from the Programmer Window
  7. When the Progress bar (top right of Programmer Window) shows 100% disconnect the USB Blaster, then disconnect the power.