Before beginning, make sure to read through all of these steps first. 

First, the things you'll need:

  1. SD Media Launcher 

  2. 2gb SD Card (Make sure not to get an SDHC card)

  3. Latest GCHD Mk-II firmware: Download

  4. Universal IR remote 

GCHD Mk-II Updating steps:

  1. Download the desired GCHD Mk-II firmware zip file from this link: Download

  2. Open the zip file and extract the .dol file (ex. “Updater-3.0e-gc.dol” is the file needed to update to 3.0e)

  3. Save that file onto your 2gb SD Card

  4. Once complete, put the 2gb SD Card into your SD Media Launcher

  5. Take the Action Replay disc (which should have come with your SD Media Launcher) and place it in the disc tray of your GameCube console

  6. Insert the SD Media Launcher into the memory card slot of the GameCube

  7. Insert the GCHD Mk-II into the Analog and Digital AV ports on the back of your GameCube Console and connect it to the TV with your HD cable

  8. Start up your GameCube and wait for the Action Replay to boot up

  9. Once it’s finished, you should be in the root menu of your SD card in your SD Media Launcher

  10. Scroll down and select the .dol file and select it, a black screen with white text and a barcode like image should appear on your screen. (See both images below)

  11. Press the IR button on your GCHD Mk-II located on the back of your device and an on screen display (OSD) should appear requiring you to sync up a universal IR remote control or a Wii U Gamepad with the commands on the screen. If you have difficulty syncing your remote to your GCHD Mk-II, please consult the operations manual that came with your device.

  12. Once your remote is synced to your GCHD Mk-II, hit the button you designated as “ENTER” and it should bring up the root OSD menu. Go down to About and then click on Update Firmware.

  1. Once you do that, your GCHD Mk-II will go into update mode. In this mode, the device will reset and before it can start the update, it will require you to re-sync your universal IR remote or Wii U Gamepad. Press the GCHD Mk-II’s IR button once more and go through the prompts one last time. 

  2. Once this is complete, hit enter to begin the process and let the updater.dol file handle the rest!

  3. You’ll know when it’s complete once the GCHD Mk-II resets and you’ll be back to the updater.dol file screen (the white text with the barcode below it)

CONGRATS! You’ve successfully updated your GCHD Mk-II with an SD Media Launcher.