1. Hand thread the short screws to the metal spacers. You don't need to use a screwdriver.
  2. Place the switch face down over the top-plate and place your plastic spacers above the holes where your metal spacers are from step 1.
  3. Place the bottom plate on-top of the plastic spacers being careful not to re-position the spacers. The two in the middle are most important since you can use tweezers or any other small tool to push the outside spacers back into place. Once this is done drop in the long screws. Move them a bit if they don't drop. Do not attempt to screw them in at this point.
  4. Lift the assembly and hold with one hand. You will fell everything drop into place. If it doesn't settle use your other hand to guide it. Once it is in place, while holding the assembly off the table use your primary hand to tighten the screws.
  5. Set the switch back onto the table and check that all screws are tight. There is no need to over-tighten them as this will squeeze the plastic spacers; compressing them. This is also where we add the rubber feet. Congratulations. You are done.