First, we want to say that we love the SD Card Mount's that have been designed for the xStation and truly appreciate the value-add that these offer. The issue covered in this email is NOT widespread (sub 1% of orders) however we wanted to give everyone the benefit of the information. 

This email is a notice for an issue that has been discovered recently where some 3D printed SD card mounts shipped with a blunt SD extender that can damage the SD card slot on the xStation. We have worked with Laser Bear on this and they stepped up right away with a solution to add the SDClampyou can read about that here. We have also learned that the SD Extenders do not follow SD card standards in that they have a blunt edge and should be beveled. Again, Laser Bear is taking care of this for future order. 

What you need to do
If you intend to use a 3D print SD card mount, please be aware that you should file/ bevel the edge a little as shown in the picture below. This is considered a best practice in preventing damaging to the SD card slots pins. The SD card standards demand a beveled edge (and every standard card has it).
(or not do).
If your xStation is installed with the SD extender already you do not need to change anything. If you have a reason to open your system we'd suggest adding the SD Clamp and if you have reason to remove the xStation and put it back in we'd advise that you bevel the SD extender. There is no reason to open your console though only to do these things.

Does this affect warranty?
For orders placed after February 25th 2021 we will no longer accept returns/ exchanges as the problem is not with the xStation, but an out of spec add-on. 
For orders placed before February 25th exchanges will be reviewed on a case by case basis