Updating your Fenrir board's Firmware, is incredibly easy.


Tools Required:


  • A microSD card, FAT32 formatted
  • A computer (Windows, OS X or Linux) with a microSD or SD card slot with adapter
  • The latest Firmware Update.bin file, which you can download from here.

1. Insert your microSD card to your computer's card reader. The drive will show up on your Computer (Windows) or the Desktop (OS X).



2. Open it with Windows Explorer / Finder / File Browser.


3. Drag the "update.bin" file to your SD card.




4. Safely eject the card.


5. Make sure your Sega Saturn is turned off. Insert your microSD card to the Fenrir microSD card slot.


6. Turn on your Sega Saturn. The animation won't play. After a while, you will see the Saturn Bios screen.


7. Select "Start Application". The firmware update is done!