SCART is a good option, albeit with some extra caution/ knowledge needed, for a given set-up with no real benefit over component so long as your set includes consoles not included below:

  1. NES (RGB mod required for SCART or component)
  2. SNES 
  3. N64 (RGB mod required for SCART or component) 
  4. Gamecube (component available via the original OEM GC cables or via the GCHD MK-II and Wii component cables)
  5. Wii
  6. Wii U
  7. Genesis
  8. Saturn
  9. Dreamcast (component option coming soon)
  11. PS1
  12. PS2
  13. PS3
  14. TG16 (SCART or component available via the db Grafxbooster)
  15. Turbo DUO
If you have other consoles like the 3DO, Jaguar, etc. and want them all to run through one switcher than SCART is maybe the better way to go. 

If your set-up is limited to the above list *HD Retrovision is the way to go.

*the HD Retrovision cables themselves are likely a bit more expensive than RGB SCART cables(by themselves), but you're assured of the quality and compatibility with your display via the RetroTINK products.

Please let us know if you have any console specific set-up questions. 
We're happy to help.