Q) Where and when can I order this?

A) This will be an open pre-order that is available through online retailers in North America and Europe from

November 16th through December 19th, 2021. Independent retailers will also carry limited quantities

after it has been released. There are no regional differences in terms of what is included. Retailers will


North America: Castlemania Games, Limited Run Games

Europe: Strictly Limited Games, DragonBox Shop, Spel o Sant

More online retailers to be announced!

Q) What is included in this release?

A) In this re-release, you will receive an embellished slipcover, a cartridge box with reversible artwork, an

interview with James Bunker, a certificate of authenticity, a full-colored instruction manual, a commemorative

t-shirt, and the game in a translucent tektite shell.

Q) Will there be any other versions of this release or digital?

A) Currently, this is the only planned re-release for Gaiares by Retro-Bit Publishing.

Q) How many will be made? The certificate has a number on it - is that the limited total?

A) The number on the certificate sample image is just a placeholder. The total number will depend on the

amount pre-ordered during the ordering window. We also add additional quantities for incidentals in case of

any damaged or lost shipments.

Q) Will there be another reprint?

A) This is the only time you can purchase this release. We do not have plans for a reprint at this time.


Q) What consoles can play this cartridge?

A) This game is compatible with North American SEGA Genesis® consoles, PAL Mega Drive consoles, and

most 3rd party consoles that are able to run Genesis/Mega Drive cartridges. Due to the shape of the

cartridge, it will not fit into a JP Mega Drive console.

Q) What voltage is used on the chip?

A) It uses a 5-volt chip to retain your console’s performance and will not damage your console.

Q) Are the insert points beveled?

A) Yes, the insert points are beveled and edges are rounded to allow for proper insertion without damaging the

pins in the cartridge slot.

Q) Is this game region-free?

A) Like our prior releases, this game is region-free so long as it is compatible with the console.

Q) Does this run at 50hz on PAL consoles?

A) The game is multi-regional and can run at 60Hz (NTSC for North America) or 50Hz (PAL Europe and



Q) What is Gaiares?

A) Gaiares was released in 1990 and is a horizontal shoot ‘em up that became iconic for various reasons. Its

difficulty and dynamic gameplay were a refreshing take on the typically arcade-centric genre. It blended an

anime-inspired story with impressive graphics, tough bosses, and a great soundtrack all on an 8 Mb

cartridge. It scored very high in various publications.

Q) What makes Gaiares different from any other shooter?

A) While it does look similar to other shooters of the 1990s, there are a few key things that made it stand out

from the others. The ability to copy an enemy’s weapons and then upgrade them through the TOZ system

was very unique that gave the play a risk-reward mechanic, even allowing certain special weapons that are

only obtained through constant use of the capturing mechanic. The cutscenes were stunning for their time

blending the anime art style with a storyline provides more world-building in a genre that usually does not

focus on narrative. Lastly, the boss fights are standouts being difficult, stylish, and satisfying to defeat.

Q) What gameplay differences can I expect from this release versus the original release?

A) In order to preserve the elements of such an important release, we have kept the gameplay intact with very

minor edits due to licensing. Players can expect to play the same game as it was released over 30 years

ago. This includes configuration menu settings and codes.