Pre-Order Status

Please read:

When we post a general window as in "early/ mid June" this means the vendor has given us an estimate based on manufacturing time with an allowance of time for international and domestic shipping. 

When you see the date change from a window to a specific week this means the product has at the very least shipped from the overseas manufacturer and is on its way to the vendor.

If the window changes to another window this is reflective of a delay in manufacturing or domestic shipping.

Please resist contacting us to see if the information below is still accurate. 

When we receive new information from the vendor we update the list below. If a date is past tense, for example the estimate was early August and it's now mid August we are waiting to hear back from the manufacturer so that our update is accurate.

If your order contains multiple pre-order items your order will ship complete when all items arrive. 

Your ordered items are held in reserve. If you see an item you have in your order sell out before your order ships rest assured your items are reserved and held for you.


*October 7th Update


The EON XBHD is expected to ship early July 2023.


gComp Switches
*October 7th Update

Status = In Production

We expect gComp switches to arrive the week of the 16th and will complete shipping by November 3rd (provided we receive them when expected). We will send out emails when we receive shipment confirmation from the factory.

Gamecube Cases

*October 7th Update 


Please note that the shells are now being produced by Muramasa Entertainment in the USA. 

Because of this we are now estimating to ship December 2023/ January 2024.