RetroTINK Ultimate

*January 24th UPDATE  - We are currently re-building these Ultimate's by hand to correct an error in the documented parts list. In the meantime we've re-ordered the Ultimate's from our PCBA supplier (ETA is early February) and will be sending out those if the order has not yet been filled. 

gComp Switch's 

*January 24th UPDATE  - gComp switches have arrived and are being assembled now. Shipping will begin Monday January 25th and will take a full week to ship all orders. 

Brawler64 2.4Ghz Wireless 

*January 24th UPDATE   Shipping has begun and we should be all shipped by Tuesday January 26th.

HD Retrovision SNES & Genesis cables 

*January 24th UPDATE - SNES & Genesis cables are on their way to the Castle! We have an ETA from YRC Trucking of Monday February 1st. 

Our experience with YRC tells us to add a day or two to this, so expect shipments to begin by Wednesday February 3rd.

HD Retrovision PS2/3 

*January 24th UPDATE - Our current estimate for PS2/3 cables is mid-February.

SCART Couplers 

*January 24th UPDATE - are estimated to begin shipping Friday the 29th.

MVS AV Boards 

*January 24th UPDATE  - have arrived at the Castle and are in testing. We will begin shipping these out during the week of January 25th.

Retro-Bit Toaplan games are estimated to ship late January.